Bringing web design in
Waterloo Region
to the next level

Red Oxford Online is a local provider of web design and developer services helping clients in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, St. Catharines, Niagara, and London since 2020.

Run by its founder David Anderson, Red Oxford Online is a small but powerful company, passionate about bringing your business to the next level with a beautiful website.

Founder David A is a full-stack developer with nearly a decade of programming & server management experience.

About the Founder

I'm David Anderson Six, the owner of Red Oxford Online.

I've been programming for nearly a decade, writing mobile apps, data pipelines, web-scrapers and more, but I've always loved designing great websites.

One of my greatest joys is building something that people will actually use, and seeing people use the things I build!

When I'm not programming, I'm usually playing with my German Shepherd named Zachary.

About our TechStack

We use a unique tech stack with the sole purpose of hosting fast, lightweight, responsive websites.

We use a combination of technologies, hosting both on traditional cloud servers, and on edge servers. Doing this allows our clients more control over their website content, while maintaining very low load times.

Our development strategy uses NextJS, which allows us to easily integrate into any API's or services you'd like on your website. It also allows us to build custom server functions for any unique workflow that you'd like to integrate.

To make our websites look beautiful we use either TailwindCSS or Bootstrap. Doing this gives us a high degree of freedom with the design, and allows us to ensure your site feels unique and brand appropriate.

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