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Whether it's your first website or a redesign, we want you to love your new online presence.

Included Features

  • Custom Mockup & Web Design
  • Custom Domain name setup
  • Easy Content Management System
  • Mobile Optimization
  • GitHub Access to React codebase
  • SSL Encryption
  • Branded Email Addresses
  • CTA Optimization
  • Scalable Traffic Management

We can create you a new website, or update your existing online presence.

Red Oxford Online provides you with everything you need to properly maintain and protect a successful brand online.


All our packages include the features above.
Our pricing is tailored to the needs of your business, but here is an idea to get you started.


Was $750, Save 33%$500.00+
  • $25/Month Hosting Fee
  • Web Maintenance Support
  • 1-2 Custom Web Pages
  • 1 Email Inbox
  • Catch-All email
  • 1 Contact Form or CTA


Was $1875, Save 33%$1,250.00+
  • $30/Month Hosting Fee
  • Web Maintenance Support
  • 1-3 Custom Web Pages
  • 1-5 Email Inboxes
  • Catch-All Email
  • 1-2 Contact Forms or CTA’s
  • 1 Custom Content List
  • 0% Financing Available
Great Value


Was $3000, Save 37%$1,875.00+
  • $35/Month Hosting Fee
  • Web Maintenance Support
  • 4-8 Custom Web Pages
  • 1-5 Email Inboxes
  • Catch-All Email
  • 2+ Contact Forms or CTA’s
  • 1-3 Custom Content Lists
  • 0% Financing Available


Was $4000, Save 43%$2,250.00+
  • $40+/Month Hosting Fee
  • Web Maintenance Support
  • 9+ Custom Web Pages
  • 5+ Email Inboxes
  • Catch-All Email
  • 3+ Contact Forms or CTA’s
  • 4+ Custom Content Lists
  • 0% Financing Available


A custom content list is a list of information that you get to manage on your website! Examples would be a list of employees, a list of recipes, a blog, examples of your work or even a list of FAQ's like this!

No matter who builds your website, it will live on a server. Hosting fees are paid to the owner of the server as a sort of "rent" for the space and bandwidth it takes to host your website. Depending on the services your site uses, there may be additional fees, such as domain registration, email server, metered network, and more.

ROO simplifies all the fees that come along with a website (server costs, email server cost, domain cost, bandwidth usage) into a single monthly charge, which also includes basic site management & IT support by RedOxfordOnline. We charge $39.95 monthly for all hosting and IT related costs. The monthly fee can scale with your site’s traffic, but this is not applicable until you have 1,000,000+ monthly page views.

After signing a work contract with ROO we will get some information from you regarding the particular styling you’re interested in. After that we will create and present a site mockup for you so that we can both agree on the style & layout of the site. Once we’ve agreed on the style, we’ll set to work writing your site, and will come back to you with a polished website on a custom domain. You'll also receive access to all of the code written to create your site, hosted in a Github repository, in case you would like to read it, or migrate to a different provider.

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