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David A Six

A portfolio & digital playground

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Project 🔃David A Six
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Completed 📅2023-08-13
Price Tier 🏷️Elite
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Mobile Optimization
Light & Dark Themes
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David A Six

Concept is the online portfolio and creative sandbox for Red Oxford Online's founder David Anderson. This website serves as a dynamic platform where David can experiment with cutting-edge ideas and showcase a curated selection of his projects.


The site was designed in the style of glassmorphism. Glassmorphism is a design trend that has gained popularity in recent years. It draws inspiration from the characteristics of frosted glass and employs blurred, desaturated, and layered elements to create a distinctive and modern look. This styling can be appreciated by scrolling the Excel page and seeing the layers of glass panes, each blurring the next below. This combined with the layered SVG header and the low saturation gradient in the background evokes a modern sleek feeling.

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Colour Theme

User Experience is at the heart of all web-design, so we've incorporated both dark and light themes into This dual-theme approach caters to individual user preferences, ensuring a comfortable and personalized browsing experience.

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