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KW Rental Radar

A web-app to make finding a rental house easy

Project overview

Project 💻KW Rental Radar
Link 🌐
Completed 📅2023-10-10
Price Tier 🏷️Enhance
Features 💡
Mobile Optimization
User Authentication
SMS Notifications
Data Collection
Technologies 👨‍💻

KW Rental Radar


KW Rental Radar is a comprehensive project designed to assist users in discovering available rental houses in Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge. The system operates with a cloud job in the backend, collecting up-to-date rental listings and presenting them in an organized visual format. Users can also opt for SMS notifications to stay updated on new listings.

User Login

To access KW Rental Radar, users can log in using their email and password. Currently, access is limited to beta-test users authorized by ROO.

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Once logged in, users can visit the settings page to tailor their SMS notification preferences based on their housing preferences. Notifications can be delivered as frequently as every 5 minutes, ensuring users are among the first to respond to new listings.

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Data Collection

Data collection is orchestrated by a Python script, executed as a scheduled Google Cloud Function every 5 minutes. This script scans three rental listing websites, normalizes the data, and stores any new listings in a database. In the event of new listings, the script utilizes the Twilio API to send text messages to the respective users, including the number of new listings and their sources.