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The Literary Fold

The Literary Fold is a book folding project by an artist in Kitchener Ontario. The creator was interested in a whimsical website to match her brand and showcase her recent works.

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A local artist named Morgan A has recently decided to sell her book-sculptors with a brand name, rather than under her own name. She created an Instagram for The Literary Fold to bolster her online presence and wanted a website as well to give her brand a more polished look. We had a discussion and landed on a whimsical but minimalist paper texture aesthetic. The site required a method for her to post products, and a method for users to reach out with custom requests.

Parallax Background

In keeping with the whimsical artistic style, I opted to include a parallax effect in the background when viewed on a desktop computer. A parallax effect on a website is when different elements, like images or text, move at different speeds as you scroll. This creates a 3D-like effect, making the website more visually engaging. I created 3 layers of content each at a separate depth; The main layer, some background paper sculptures, and a far off set of sculptures. Check the website out on your computer to view the effect in action!

Client Success

Since launching her website, the artist Morgan A has brought her creations to local markets and been able receive new custom order inquiries through her website. If you are in the Kitchener Waterloo area and want to purchase a handmade gift, get your order in at The Literary Fold!

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