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Kate Urquhart Psychotherapy

Kate Urquhart runs a private psychotherapy practice, mostly working with clients online. Having a clear and professional online presence helps differentiate her from other available practitioners.

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Kate operates an independent private therapy practice in St. Catharines. Given the significant online component of her business, establishing a polished and professional online presence was crucial. Additionally, with her business in its early stages, Kate values the ability to personally modify website content to align with her evolving endeavours.

Business Email

As most of Kate's work is completed online, she needed a secure & professional email address to communicate with her clients. We set Kate up with our business email add-on, so she not only has a professional public facing email ( but also a catch-all email address, allowing her to receive emails sent to any address.


The overarching design goal for was to make the simplest website possible, while still offering all the information a user might need in order to be onboarded as a client. To that end, we kept the amount of information very light, and ensured there was no navigation in the main menu deeper than one level.

For the aesthetic we wanted a calming, flowing site. To achieve this we integrated wave transitions between each section, clearly defining separate thoughts to the users in a non-obtrusive way.

Content Management System

Due to the sensitivity of her work, and the ever-evolving nature of business online, Kate required an extensive Content Management System (CMS).

Kate has the ability now to manage all of the privacy and pricing information on her site through an easy-to-use text editor on her computer.

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